Tunic OnlyPure Piano Tuning Software

Exclusively featuring StopperStimmung (1988), a slightly stretched tuning creating an amazing sound on the insrument caused by the tunings recently discovered (2004) stunning interference symmetry. The software manages necessary stretch due to nonlinearity completely automatic in the background.


No presampling of individual notes or setup of stretch curve is required prior to the tuning process: Just turn on the device, choose the required pitch for A4 and start tuning.


The coarse and fine tuning display

An eye friendly display for setting the correct pitch is given with the left and right moving triangles: The yellow triangles are showing pitch readings in a range of +- 50 cents and the green triangles in a range of +- 5 cents in a resolution down to two hundreth of cent. Tune the strings that way, that the triangles are overlayed and form a square finally.


Notes can be selected manually in note or octave steps, or with the autoswitch to the next note.


Unison tuning

The Tunic software provides unisons you can trust, what was not possible until now with other tuning devices. Especially in noisy environments it is preferrably to tune unisons string by string with the software, they will be more precise than aurally there. A skilled aural tuner may prefer tuning one string with the software and the other strings by ear, but this usually does not provide better results than with the software.


The software is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.