Bernhard Stopper, Master Piano Maker

2014 Introduction of TUNIC OnlyPure piano tuning software for Android

2008 Introduction of TUNIC OnlyPure piano tuning software for PocketPC

2008 Tunic App for Guitar, Cello, Violin for iPhone

2004: Introduction of Mensurix 5 string scale software including dynamic simulation of hammer/string interaction

2004: Description of beat symmetries in Stopperstimmung.2006: Introduction of OnlyPure tuning software for Windows and MacOS X.

2003: Introduction of MiniMens hammer/string simulator

1991: Symposium “Bozner Treffen: Scalen und Harmonien” Bozen, Italy

1990: Master Piano Maker in Ludwigsburg

1989: Introduction of Mensurix string scale software

1988: Patent pending of a musical instrument based on Stopperstimmung tuning.

1988:  Euro Piano 3/1988 The 12-twelfths-19-octave-circle as the harmonic-series symmetric 12-tone circle and “Stopperstimmung, equal temperament based on pure duodecimes1

Since 1988: Piano Tuner and Technician in Rottenburg an Tübingen

1985 -1987 Piano Technician (Magne, Paris)

1980 - 1983 Apprentice Piano Maker (Klavier-Vögele)

1976 - 1980 Piano Lessons with Else Herold

1969: First Piano Lessons

Birth Year: 1961


First prize at german tuning contest for piano maker apprentices in 1982

1(octave + fifth)